Volunteers Needed
We need family members to volunteer to serve on one or more of the following committees:

 -Games Committee  Help plan and facilitate the following:
   Games, music,  fashion show coordinator, and other entertainment

  We need people to take photos at all of the events and then down load to a flip-stick for posting and sharing for all family members to access.  Organize several photo sessions.  Five minutes will be arranged to take group photos each day.

-Social Media Committee (Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc., etc...)
  Help maintain communications before, during and after the reunion.

Please call in, email or text to let us know which committee you would like to volunteer to serve on by MARCH 1, 2021 to:

Nakeda Armstrong Phillips
email: keda@pacbell.net
text (310) 493-2509

Our address book is being revised, send all contact information to:
Andre Wright
8423 Manhasset St. 
Riverside, CA 92508

Contact info should include name, address, phone (home & mobile), email and fax, also birthday.

This info is needed ASAP



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