John Ed 'Skip' Ward 1856-1940  Joanna 'Chaney' Tucker Ward 1874-1934

John Ed 'Skip' Ward (1856-1940) & Joanna Tucker (1874-1934)

John Ed 'Skip' Ward & Joanna 'Chaney' Tucker Ward were the parents of eleven children. They were Ada Ward Scallion Harris, Lucius Ward, John Henry 'Bud'Ward, Joe Lee 'Doc' Ward, Butler Ward, Thomas Ward, King Ward, Alberta 'Sister' Ward Brown, James 'Thoney' Ward, Willie Gene 'Dick' Ward and Benjamin Ward.
Ada Ward Scallion-Harris

Ada Ward (1881-1957)

Ada and her first husband, Charlie Scallion were the parents one daughter,
Lula Scallion Guy, Ada's only childShe later married Elias Harris.
Joe Lee Ward

Joe Lee Ward (1894-1964)

Joe Lee Ward married Susanna (Susie) Self and they were the parents of
three children, Sudie Mae Ward Wright, Vernon Lee 'Dolly Boy' Ward (1928 - 2001) and Harvey Lonzo Ward (1930 -1934).
Lucius Ward  (son of John Ed & Joanna Ward

Lucius Ward

Lucius Ward
married Aileen Saulsberry and to this union four
children were born, Joanna Ward McKay, Ada Lee Ward Hudson,
Lorene Ward Nightingale and Leon Ward.
John Henry 'Bud' Ward  b. 1888 -?

John Henry 'Bud' Ward

John Henry Ward married Mary Cowan and to this union were born  seven children- Hattie Lee, Nathaniel,Bernice, Mattie, Mildred, Willie James and John (Meatball).
King Ward  1897 - 1963

King Ward (1897-1963)

King Ward
married a lady named Sallie, He was the father of  Josiah Thomas Ward But I don't think Sallie was Josiah's mother.
Alberta 'Sister' Ward Brown  (1900 - 1968)  Daughter of John Ed & Joanna

Alberta 'Sister' Ward Brown (1900-1968)

 Alberta Ward married Earl Brown and they became the parents of Jessie 'Snook' Brown(1918-1988) and Mozelle Brown(1920-1985).
James 'Thony'Ward (1902-1979)  Annabell Banks Ward (1901-1991)

James 'Thony' Ward (1902-1979)

James 'Thony' Ward with wife, Annabelle Banks Ward (1901-1991)  James was the father of Willie Ward (1922-1983) and  Roosevelt  
Mary Ward Shorter(L), daughter of Thomas Ward and Sudie Mae Ward Wright

Thomas Ward (d. 1932)

Mary Ward Shorter (1916-1986) and Sudie Mae Ward Wright.
Mary was the daughter of Thomas Ward.

Note:  We have not located a photo of Thomas yet.
Uncle Willie

Rev. Willie Gene 'Dick' Ward (1903-1983)

Willie Gene 'Dick' Ward
((1903-1983) was the father of Jean Ward and Joseph Ward.  He was married to Charlotte Williams Ward ((1903-1982)
Ben Ward, Sr, the youngest child of John Ed and Joanna Ward

Benjamin Ward, Sr. (1908-1969)

was the youngest child of John Ed and Joanna Ward.
-Ben married Lucille Bean and they had three children, Benjamin Ward, Jr (1934-2997); Thomas Henry Ward (1932-1995) and Annie Mae Ward.
Ben, Sr's second wife was Eulie and they had five children, Charlie James,
Melvin, Dorothy, Earline and Freddie Lee Ward.
Aunt Clora, sister of Annie Self(Susie Self Ward's mother)

Selfs -

Susie Anna Self married Joe Lee Ward December 27, 1913...Ward/Self
Susie is the daughter of Wylie Self and Anna Parker McGee.  The other children of Anna Self are Irene Self, Amos self, Dora Morris and Wyola Self.  Wylie Self
also had another daughter, Lucy Self.
Babe, Pap, & Harvey 1945

Sudie Mae (Babe) & Louis (Pap) Wright(1913-1977)

   Sudie Mae 'Babe' Ward married Louis 'Pap' Wright (1913-1977).  Their children are Carl Ward (1939-1946), Cecil , Harvey Lee, Jerri Louise, Louis Jr, JoEtta, Gwendolyn Falline and Maurice LaMar.

(Pictured - Babe, Pap and Baby Harvey in 1944)

Vernon Lee Ward

Vernon Lee 'Dolly Boy' Ward (1928-2001)

   Vernon was the son of Joe Lee and Susie Self Ward.
   Vernon married Bertha Monger and they had two children,  Vernon Lee 'Butch', 'Chin Lee' Ward, Jr (1946-2001) and Joyce Ann.
   Vernon's second marriage was to Shirley Ussin and their children are Cynthia, Carl Lee, Kenneth Lee and Latosha Deanna.
Elnora Wright Richardson  1909 - 1963 (Oldest child of Willie Wright & Sarah Watkins Wright)


-Descendants of Willie Wright & Sarah Watkins Wright
-Descendants of Willie Wright & 2nd wife, also named Willie
-Descendants of Willie Wright & Madie Taylor Butler
-Descendants of Sarah Watkins Wright & 2nd husband, Bud Washington
Willie's Wright's 2nd wife, also named Willie.  the mother of Ethel, Ninner,Ruby, Ruthie,Joe Willie and Birdie C (Nig)

Willie Wright (1889-1956)

 ----Willie Wright married  Sarah Watkins and they had three children, Elnora (1909-1963), Louis Edward 'Pap' (1913-1977), and Fannie Mae "Gal' (1916-1965).
----Willie Wright and Mary (Madie Butler) Taylor had a child, Fannie Mae(1909-1998)
----Willie Wright and second wife, Willie Mae had six children, they were
Ethel L (1917-1971), Ninner Arlene (1919-2008), Ruby (1921-2003), Ruthie (1921-19  ), Joe Willie (1925-2006) and Birdie C. 'Nig' (1928-1986).

(Pictured Willie Wright, 2nd wife of Willie Wright)
Ruby 'Lil Baby' Wright (1921-2003)

Ruby 'Little Baby' Wright Williams (1921-2003)

  Ruby ' Little Baby' Wright married Leon Williams and they had four children, Felton, Leon Jr 'Beedie', Lashley and Masline.

  Ruthie 'Big Baby' Wright (1921-?) Ruby's twin sister, married Booker T. Jackson. They never had children but raised Ruthie 'Teenie Bit' as their own.  Teenie Bit's father was Felton Williams, son of Ruby and Leon Williams.
Elether Clark Wright  wife of Joe Willie Wright

Joe Willie Wright (1925-2006)

        Joe Willie Wright was the youngest son of Willie and Willie Mae Wright and the half brother of Louis 'Pap' Wright.
        Joe Willie married Elether Clark and they became the parents of ten children- Melvin Lee, Margaret Ann, Elmelda Evonne, Mary Louise, John Wesley, Providence, Joe Willie Jr, Karen Lynne, Janette Dianne, and Veanna.
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