Willie's Wright's 2nd wife, also named Willie.  the mother of Ethel, Ninner,Ruby, Ruthie,Joe Willie and Birdie C (Nig)
(1st Picture in this album)

Willie Wright (1889-1956)

 ----Willie Wright married  Sarah Watkins and they had three children, Elnora (1909-1963), Louis Edward 'Pap' (1913-1977), and Fannie Mae "Gal' (1916-1965).
----Willie Wright and Mary (Madie Butler) Taylor had a child, Fannie Mae(1909-1998)
----Willie Wright and second wife, Willie Mae had six children, they were
Ethel L (1917-1971), Ninner Arlene (1919-2008), Ruby (1921-2003), Ruthie (1921-19  ), Joe Willie (1925-2006) and Birdie C. 'Nig' (1928-1986).

(Pictured Willie Wright, 2nd wife of Willie Wright)
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